First update in almost a month!

Well I’ve been hard at work on my distribution for the last few days, mainly with planning. Today I started with a fresh copy and have started removing packages.

I read about each and every package before deciding whether or not to remove it. I’m basically removing everything not specifically needed… except the themes.

Should be able to release my distribution by the 30th.

Keep you posted!



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  1. Hi

    Quick update, I have gone through all packages via command line using the dpkg-query –show –showformat=’${Package;-50}\t${Installed-Size} ${Status}\n’ | sort -k 2 -n |grep -v deinstall command.

    Then I looked each one I didn’t recognise up on this site (see asterisk) http://packages.ubuntu.com/intrepid/*

    I stopped at package libwww-perl because it was under 1MB. (don’t want to go overboard with the package deletions!)

    Now I’ll defrag then I can finally start adding to the distribution!

    Wish me luck!


  2. pythonian22 Says:

    please provide more information about this distro.
    like security tools in this distro., FAQ etc…

  3. Okay, sure.

    More complete FAQ will be coming when I release my distribution.

    But basically it will be a security-orientated distribution built on Ubuntu 8.10.

    The main advantages of this is that it will be;

    Debian based (Better install routine)
    Ubuntu based (better support, better icons)

    And it will contain;


    As for which security tools are in my distribution, well with my first release will be practically all the tools from the popular BackTrack LiveCD. Plus a few other tools of my choosing. After a few releases (if there are any bugs, and to add my extra GNOME menu) I will start adding additional tools, such as rainbow tables.

    Expect that to happen about a month or two after my next release.

    Thanks for inquiring about my distribution. I hope that once I’ve released it, that you’ll download and enjoy it.


  4. Please provide the 800 meg image you created, I would like to see it.

  5. Hi ikonia,

    Certainly. However I need to edit a bit of it, and there are many un-working features (didn’t link the Windows or Perl scripts… don’t think I linked the Python scripts either).

    I’ll give you the copy, but I’ll also give you the Google Document that I had been working on (lists all missing features).

    So yeah.

    Next version will be very polished. But I will release this one, just for you Ikonia!


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