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Posted in Linux - Update on February 4, 2009 by panarchy


Well I worked tirelessly on the Ubuntu based security orientated Linux distribution of mine.

Got it at least 85% complete. Burnt a copy. Found out that it was 846MB, so now I am starting all over again.

This time I will be building my Linux distribution from Debris.

Since I have a lot of things to get through this year, including this Linux distribution, don’t expect another public release for a while.

Thanks for bearing with me,


PS: In case you were wondering what I am busy doing, I have made a TODO list;

  1. Train for Industry Certifications
  2. Install 9 operating systems on 1 hard-drive
  3. Make all boot-menus work
  4. Make a GRUB boot disc that will allow me to boot into any of my 9 OSs
  5. Design my business card
  6. Design my website
  7. Create a Linux distribution (have remade it from scratch around 7 or 8 times, and I have just started building it from scratch again, built from Debris this time)
  8. Create a Windows PE LiveCD
  9. Create a Mac OS X LiveCD
  10. Learn how to program

BTW: What’s more, (in case that wasn’t enough already!), I will also be working full-time.  So if there isn’t another public release for 2 or 3 months, then… well, you will know why!