My Linux Distribution (previously unreleased Beta)

NOTE: Most missing features will be in next release

These are tools that I was unable to obtain

  1. DNS-ptr
  2. (by j0hnny)
  3. Cisco Enable Bruteforcer
  4. GFI LanGuard (Not free)
  5. Merge Router Config (by muts, have requested it via PM)
  6. SQL Inject (not enough info)
  7. Ascend attacker (not enough info)
  8. Crunch dictgen
  9. Hash Collision
  10. ICMP Redirect
  11. WebCrack (To many programs with the same name)
  12. SpoonDRV(by ShamanVirtuel)
  13. Frontline (isn’t free)
  14. Attest

Scripts that I obtained but wasn’t able to get to work

  1. milw0rm-update (I will edit the script when I get the time – However was able to get the packetstorm and SecurityForest scripts to work [for exploits])
  2. Mibble – Temporary problem, will fix for next release
  3. Oat – Will fix in next release
  4. Paros – Will fix in next release
  5. Metagoofil – Online package is completely missing! – Will [hopefully] fix in next release
  6. Mistress – Will fix in next release
  7. Peach – some compilation errors with 4suite
  8. pygoogle seems to be broken…
  9. subdomainer : Missing dependency, will fix in next release
  10. RAN OUT OF TIME: Didn’t get time to test, configure or link any of the Perl or Windows programs. Also didn’t get time to link any of the Python programs/scripts.

Wasn’t able to compile (without errors);

  1. Mono: Slight problem, not able to successfully run Mezcal or Absinthe.
  2. DNS-Ptr (Allhosts.c)
  3. affix-kernel and affix (Will do in next version)

Nota bene

  • Goose replaces Google-search

  • OpenSSL-Scanner is replaced by openssl-too-open

  • There are three different HTTPtunnel’s available. All free; all there!

  • Karma is now integrated with Metasploit thus creating Karmetasploit!

  • Wlassistant – not needed, as GNOME is being used.

  • Insight – Placement for GDB Console GUI

  • Smb4k – Not needed, nautilus does the job

  • AutoScan – Installed to the /h4x0r directory, wouldn’t work. Only works in /opt directory 😦

  • Installed some 3D tool called sipp by mistake LOL – Fixed now

  • SUID – allows SUDO programs to run for normal users

Other notables


  • 76.7MB used for WINE and 18.5MB used for remastersys

  • Installed is the latest version of aircrack-ng, released on the 22nd.

Highlight of features over BackTrack

  • Inguma

  • WINE

  • Remastersys


  • Uses Debian’s package manager

  • Ubuntu based [version 8.10]

  • Apt (Apt-get)

  • There are more … Beware!


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