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Sorry to say, seem ADrive has finally removed all of it’s good features. Next time I need to upload, I will try other avenues.

If you would still like one of my other uploaded Distributions, just say so in reply to this, and I’ll do my best to facilitate that.

The distribution I am working on has taken to a temporary HALT. As I have been studying for my Industry Certifications, and haven’t had a chance to work on it. Also, there is a New Debian repository holding various .deb packages, that will save me some effort. Especially with packages such as THC-Hydra, specifically the xhydra part of it, which needs a lot of source-code editing to enable that package to install.

Please bare with me.



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Well I worked tirelessly on the Ubuntu based security orientated Linux distribution of mine.

Got it at least 85% complete. Burnt a copy. Found out that it was 846MB, so now I am starting all over again.

This time I will be building my Linux distribution from Debris.

Since I have a lot of things to get through this year, including this Linux distribution, don’t expect another public release for a while.

Thanks for bearing with me,


PS: In case you were wondering what I am busy doing, I have made a TODO list;

  1. Train for Industry Certifications
  2. Install 9 operating systems on 1 hard-drive
  3. Make all boot-menus work
  4. Make a GRUB boot disc that will allow me to boot into any of my 9 OSs
  5. Design my business card
  6. Design my website
  7. Create a Linux distribution (have remade it from scratch around 7 or 8 times, and I have just started building it from scratch again, built from Debris this time)
  8. Create a Windows PE LiveCD
  9. Create a Mac OS X LiveCD
  10. Learn how to program

BTW: What’s more, (in case that wasn’t enough already!), I will also be working full-time.  So if there isn’t another public release for 2 or 3 months, then… well, you will know why!

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First update in almost a month!

Well I’ve been hard at work on my distribution for the last few days, mainly with planning. Today I started with a fresh copy and have started removing packages.

I read about each and every package before deciding whether or not to remove it. I’m basically removing everything not specifically needed… except the themes.

Should be able to release my distribution by the 30th.

Keep you posted!


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Hello and welcome to my blog!

Created this (perhaps temporarily) for my linux distribution.

Version 0.9:  Security-orientated Linux distribution built on Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex (8.10).


Next release will;

  • Be a DVD
  • Have all programs run as root (eg Applications -> gksudo wireshark)
  • Contain more programs (especially ones that don’t have a .deb)
  • Have my custom wallpaper
  • Contain rainbow tables
  • Have firefox addons built in (for Live Session User)
  • By default, will boot into VESA
  • By default, will use generic drivers
  • Have an edited GNOME source code, which will allow for another menu on the top menubar (next to Applications|Places|System)
  • HAVE A NAME!!!
  • Be Version 1.0!!!

So I hope you will find the current version helpful, and will look forward to my next release!

I have some committments, so I will be out of action for the next week, then I’ll begin work on the DVD version.

If you find any bugs, or have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate in commenting to this post.



UPDATE: Note that not all of these features will appear in Version 1 of my distribution, as it ended up taking a lot longer then I though. Expect most of the features in version 1, but some you’ll have to wait for. Sorry!